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Dirty Hands or Dirty Lungs?

Changing your furnace filters can be a dusty, dirty job. The best thing, however, is that it only takes a few minutes to complete.

Keeping clean filters in your furnace pays off in fuel savings. Dirty filters make the heat exchanger in your furnace dirty. When the heat exchanger gets dirty, it doesn't send as much heat as is should into your house. You end up burning more fuel than you really need to. Furnace filters are cheap. Fuel is expensive.

Furnace filters trap gunk that would otherwise find it's way into your home, your clothes, your hair, and your lungs. Woven fiberglass filters aren't exactly high-tech, but they can trap a lot of the dust, bacteria and plant spores you would otherwise breathe.

Our advice: Don't let your filters get old and dirty. Do the simplest of furnace maintenance jobs often. Get your hands dirty; save your furnace and your lungs.

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