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Apprenticeship Program

Overview of the Program

The HVAC industry offers you an occupation which provides a competitive income and the ability to master a skill in which you can take pride. With skilled workers in great demand, the HVAC industry offers you a career with year-round work and the opportunity for promotion.

Our four-year apprenticeship program was developed after carefully assessing the needs of the HVAC industry. Upon successful completion of this program, each apprentice will receive:

  • A career path
  • Pride in themselves
  • Credits toward an associate degree from Montgomery College
  • The opportunity to receive a Maryland Journeyperson's License without having to sit for the exam

Qualifications to Become an Apprentice

Each applicant for the apprenticeship program will meet the required minimum qualifications provided below and as may be further enumerated within these Standards and/or as may be set forth in appendices hereto:

  • Be at least sixteen [16] years of age. The applicant will provide proof of age.
  • Completed at least the ninth [9th] grade of education. The applicant will provide a copy of a diploma or transcript of last grade completed.
  • Provide a copy of a valid state-issued driver’s license.
  • Be physically fit to perform the work of the occupation.  A physical examination and/or a doctor’s certificate which states the applicant has the physical ability to perform the work, may be required.
  • Have adequate means of transportation to his/her employer and/or job site.
  • Provide occupation-related tools as required by the employer and be of legal age to handle the tools.
  • Provide a copy of military service discharge papers [or Form DD214], if a veteran.

Requirements of an Apprentice

The basic requirements to be in the apprenticeship program are:

  • An individual can be unemployed to participate in the first year, only.
  • An individual must be employed by an AACP member company for each of the second, third and fourth year. See our Directory for AACP member companies.
  • The term of apprenticeship for the occupation shall be eight thousand [8,000] hours plus a minimum of five hundred seventy-six [576] hours of related instruction over four [4] years.
  • Maintain a state-issued Apprentice License during the program.

Successful Completion of the Program

In order to be eligible to be awarded a Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship, an apprentice must successfully complete both the required related instruction and on-the-job training while in the employ of and under the supervision of a registered apprenticeship program sponsor. The apprentice can then apply for their Journeyperson's license without sitting for the exam.

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