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In Memoriam

It comes with a heavy heart to inform you that Mr. Terry Leon Weaver passed on December 11, 2022.
Terry was a service manager for 36 years at R. A. Dobson, Inc. He will be missed tremendously.

Join us at Shenandoah Farms Baptist Church on Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 1:00pm
5852 Howellsville Rd., Front Royal, VA 22630

December 2022

Exposed Rooftop Linesets In VRF & VRV Systems “Don’t Get No Respect”
By: Gerry Spanger

Most VRF /VRV installations require extensive arrays of rooftop and exterior line sets which, more often than not, are exposed to the weather.

Preserving the integrity of the line sets, as well as that of their insulation, is essential to the correct operation of the system, while broken or damaged lines can lead to a catastrophic (and very expensive) loss of refrigerant gas.

The insulation of these line sets must be protected from deterioration by the elements, birds and rodents but, more importantly, they have to be protected from mechanical damage inflicted by other trades. Furthermore, in Northern climates, the line sets are also subject to “snow creep”, the pressures exerted by heavy snowfalls which can move the line sets and in some cases, damage them.

Generally accepted as being extremely unsightly, the exposed exterior line sets on many VRF/VRV installations are very often perceived as an eyesore.

Gerry Spanger
President & Ceo, MarketAir Inc.

Gerry's expertise is a representation of his nearly 30 year career in HVACR industry. Since 1994, Gerry has held position as President & CEO of companies such as EZ TRAP INC., Slimduct Inc., Airduct Products Corporation, Rectorseal Corporation, and MarketAir Inc.

On every VRF/VRV project, five parties share a strong vested interest in seeing that the finished installation not only performs as designed but also presents a polished, professional appearance:
  1.  The owner wants to maintain the efficiency of the AC system and enhance the exterior appearance of his building.
  2. The consulting engineer wants the finished installation to reflect the engineering prowess of his practice.
  3. The architect wants the total building package to be as attractive as possible to illustrate the architectural talents of his practice.
  4. The VRF/VRV manufacturer and the distributor both want the installation to perform exactly as advertised in terms of its ease of use, energy efficiency, and integration with the building’s decor and professional appearance, so it can become a showcase to sell their equipment.
  5. The contractor, wants the finished installation to reflect the high quality of work performed by his company.
When the installation looks professional and performs exactly as planned, it becomes a credit to the entire supply chain and a win-win situation for everybody concerned.
The growing market for VRF.VRV systems have already resulted in a distressing number of sub-par line set installations, many of which now require remediation.

When the line sets are enclosed within a pre-engineered, prefabricated customized professionally installed enclosure system, the integrity of the line sets and their insulation is preserved while the appearance of the finished AC installation as well as the building is substantially enhanced, as seen in the following photos:


A hybrid installation using a combination of metal and PVC enclosures in Columbus Ohio.



A high end residential installation using PVC enclosures.


A heavy commercial hybrid RD/PD installation using a combination of walk-on metal and PVC enclosures.



A light commercial installation using PVC enclosures.



A complex commercial installation in Toronto, Canada using metal enclosures.

Exposed VRF/VRV line set assemblies should not be considered as an afterthought. Before installation, they should be thoroughly engineered and designed to provide the optimum layout. This will minimize the number of brazed joints as well as the material and labor required while keeping in mind the aesthetic appearance of the total rooftop installation.

Pre-engineered modular systems to protect and beautify the line set array are easily available: all components are modular, easy to install, and facilitate the installation of the line sets to reduce installation time and labor costs.

The bottom line is that the line sets need to be considered for what they are, which is a vitally important component of the total system, and given the respect that they warrant.

Letter from the Executive Director

AACP has a lot to be proud of with the work we accomplished in 2022 and in the direction we are heading into 2023:
  • Our legislative advocacy in Virginia, DC, and Maryland kept member companies apprised of new legislation and regulations.
  • We had a voice during legislative committee hearings.
  • We were represented at the Maryland Public Service Commission and participated in various committees/work groups.
  • Our  Apprenticeship Program was formally and officially approved by the State of Virginia as an approved HVAC Technician program. Now, technicians in Virginia can actively enroll in our program and reap the benefits.
  • Our apprentices receive reciprocity for their Journeypersons' License in Maryland and Virginia.
  • We developed our program calendar for 2023 which includes our dynamic leadership speaker and Retired Navy Commander, Mary Kelly, in February; a skills conference in April and September, quarterly member meetings and networking sessions, our annual golf tournament with a twist - with partial proceeds to establish a scholarship program for our members.
  • And much more!

If you wonder why you are or should be a member of AACP:

  • Look to the individuals who serve as the organization's leaders and value the time they take from their company to represent you and all HVAC companies.
  • Read the legislative and regulatory updates provided by The AnnDyl Group and gain insight into how your company and all HVAC contractors can participate in the incentive program within recently passed legislation.
  • See how the AACP organization is respected by our legislators and called upon to provide information and testimony on legislative matters before them.
  • Value the expertise and wisdom of fellow contractors who give back to the organization and industry as Instructors in our Apprenticeship Program; and
  • Use our meetings and networking sessions as an opportunity to meet with your peers and share the challenges and opportunities for you and all HVAC contractors.
In the New Year, plan to participate and reap the many benefits of membership. On behalf of the AACP Board of Directors and the Administrative Team, I wish you, your team, and your family a happy and healthy New Year!


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