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Attendees at the Leadership Seminar feat. Mary Kelly in early February.

February 2023

Letter from the Executive Director

By Peter Constantinou

In early February, we engaged and interacted with Mary Kelly, a nationally known speaker, internationally known economist, and retired Navy Commander. Following a personality test, Mary provided us with a wealth of resources and information to use in our own business. Click here to access Mary's resources or to sign up for her informational email.

From now through mid-April, our focus is on legislative activity in the Maryland State House as well as changes in the Maryland Public Service Commission [PSC]. AACP members can access monthly reports for DC and the PSC reports. If you're not a member, become a member today !

AACP's Journeyman License Requirements Bill Updates

Last week, the Senate bill (SB 23) passed through the upper chamber with unanimous support and our counterpart bill (HB 132) awaits a vote in the House Economic Matters Committee [ECM] after its initial hearing on February 7. While our journeyman license proposal (SB 23 / HB 132) is being considered in the House ECM Committee, the AnnDyl team, on behalf of AACP and HACC, continues to meet with key legislators to build support for the legislation as a critical measure to ensuring a safe and prepared Maryland HVAC workforce. Over the course of the 2023 legislative session, the AnnDyl team has now met with over 30 legislators to address feedback on the bill and place it in the best position for a favorable report in the
House ECM Committee.

Our bill proposes amending the apprenticeship requirements to test-out for a journeyperson's license to four years from three years, and the completion of 6,000 hours up from 1,875 under the supervision of a licensed contractor.

Receive updates on our journeyman license bill and other legislative issues in inbox as a member of AACP.

Visit our Legislative & Regulatory 2023 Page for updates in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

Not a member? Join us today!

AHR 2023: HVACR State of the Industry
Reprinted from Contracting Business

Supply-chain issues will continue this year, but continue to get better, noted Taylor Gee of HARDI. Multifamily construction continues to grow, as does commercial building construction.

Gee was part of a Feb. 7 panel at the 2023 AHR Expo in Atlanta discussing various topics affecting the HVACR industry. Chuck White (PHCC), Stephen Yurek (HRAI), Dominick Guarino (NCI), and Farook Mehboob (ASHRAE) filled out the panel, with Bryan Orr (HVAC School) as moderator.

On the topic of refrigerant, panelists encouraged HVACR contractors to be proactive with suppliers and to step up efforts for refrigerant reclamation. However, the biggest concern was that many contractors were not aware of the low-GWP refrigerant movement and that the refrigerants they currently use will soon be unavailable.

“Maybe 10% of the industry is paying attention,” Guarino said. “Others are more focused on business. We have to step up communication through nontraditional methods, such as social media and working with contractor associations at the local level rather than national.”

Yurek noted that new SEER 2 product regulations effective as of Jan. 1, offer an excellent opportunity to show potential technicians that the HVACR industry is mechanical and high-tech. White said that the “skills of technicians are critical” to ensure the proper installation of this super-efficient equipment.

And Mehboob discussed the decarbonization movement and the design of more energy-efficient buildings. “Moving manufacturing back to the United States is one way to reduce carbon consumption in the construction of buildings,” he said.

Regarding the aging workforce, a decades-old problem that has worsened since the COVID-19 pandemic, Mehboob noted that women comprise only 3% of the HVACR workforce; "it is a big challenge to get them interested in these jobs."

Also, younger generations are looking for idealism in their work; is the HVAC industry speaking to that? "The HVACR industry is part of the energy-efficiency revolution," he said.

Yurek noted that the industry also should look at those who are looking for a second career.

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