Registration & Tuition

Registration process for first-time applicant

A first-time applicant must click the event registration and complete all the required program registration details. The registration event will be available May 23, 2022.

All registration and online profile information should match the applying apprentice.

**If you work with a member company of AACP, you will need to be added into the membership in order to pay the member price. The company bundle administrator or a member of the AACP team will need to do this for you. Please call us at 410-527-0780 or email to reach an AACP team member.

To complete the registration process, a first-time applicant must have the following documents to ready to upload:

  • State-issued driver's license.
  • High school diploma, GED Certificate or official transcript of the last grade completed [9th grade or above].
  • Military Discharge papers, if previously served in the United States military.
  • State-issued Apprentice License.

Register Here

    Registration process for a returning apprentice

    Log into your online profile using your email address as the username. If you forgot your password, click on Forgot Password and the system will assign and send you a temporary one. Once you receive the temporary password, log into your profile and update your password.

    Click Here to Register


    1. Be at least sixteen [16] years of age. The applicant will provide proof of age.
    2. Completed at least the ninth [9th] grade of education. The applicant will provide a copy of a diploma or transcript of last grade completed.
    3. Provide a copy of a valid state-issued driver’s license.
    4. Be physically fit to perform the work of the occupation.  A physical examination and/or a doctor’s certificate which states the applicant has the physical ability to perform the work, may be required.
    5. Have adequate means of transportation to his/her employer and/or job site.
    6. Provide occupation-related tools as required by the employer and be of legal age to handle the tools.
    7. Provide a copy of military service discharge papers [or Form DD214], if a veteran.


    Tuition for a first-time apprentice includes academic coursework, textbooks, a computer and required online program software.

    Tuition for a returning apprentice includes academic coursework, textbooks, and required online program software.

     Early Bird
    First-time apprentice w/
    member company
     $2,300 $2,500
    First-time apprentice w/
    non-member company
     $2,700 $3,000
    Returning apprentice $1,850 $2,000

    *Get Early Bird pricing throughout registration when you register 4 or more apprentices.

    Early Bird registration will end Friday, June 10, 2022.

    A second, third and fourth year apprentice must be employed with an AACP member company.

    *When registering for the 4 or more promotion after June 10th, the first three apprentices will be registered at the standard rate. The fourth registration and above rate will be discounted to the Early Bird rate.

    Payment Information

    Unless other arrangements are approved in advance and in writing, tuition must be paid in full on or before July 29, 2022 for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

    The Association of Air Conditioning Professionals, AACP, assumes no liability whatsoever with respect to any financial arrangement between the apprentice and the employer.

    There is no refund of any tuition for an apprentice who leaves their employer and is unemployed, or who leaves the program. AACP will deactivate all program software on the laptop.

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