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PIVOT: Leading During Change, Challenge, and Crisis

  • Tuesday, May 19, 2020
  • 12:30 PM
  • Webinar


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Join the AACP Board of Directors for the kick-off event for the Contractor 2 Contractor Forums!

About the Event

Disruption has become the new normal - disruption to personal lives, societal shifts, our careers, and our businesses. Many people struggle emotionally, financially, and professionally during times of chaos.  Leaders know that while change is inevitable, it can be very difficult. The good news? There is a silver lining. Times of upheaval are historically known to be times of innovation, creativity, and advancement. In this engaging and entertaining program, Mary uses lessons from the Gulf War and 9-11 to help us get through the painful aspects of our challenges, embrace change, and turn disruption into evolution. 


When fear and uncertainty sets in, take a breath and get ready to PIVOT

1.     Define your PURPOSE with an unshakeable plan

2.     INSPIRE yourself and your team to look at what’s possible

3.     Rate your VOLATILITY factor to safeguard your future

4.     Identify OPPORTUNITIES in a changing environment

5.     Embrace new TOOLS to ensure success

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About the Speaker

Mary Kelly, PhD, CSP, Commander, USN
Economist & Leadership Speaker, Corporate Advisor, ProductiveLeaders

Mary is an economist and best-selling author specializing in business and leadership development to improve efficiency and profits.

A graduate of the US Naval Academy, Mary spent 21 years on active duty, achieving the rank of Commander. She has trained over 40,000 military and civilian personnel in multi-cultural environments all over the world. She now builds successful strategies for corporate and association leaders.

She has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Entrepreneur, Men’s Health, and other periodicals. Fun and funny, Mary is a college professor, international speaker, and author of award-winning leadership books.


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