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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About the Program

Do I need to be employed to enter the program?
If you are a first year apprentice you do not need to be employed. Second, Third and Fourth year Apprentices need to be employed with an AACP Member Company. Use our online Member Directory to find a Member Company.

We can post your resume on our "Job Seekers" page, accessible by all AACP member companies. Please email us a copy of your resume if you would like this posted.

Are there payment plan options?
Yes. With prior written approval, an apprentice may be granted a payment plan for the tuition. The payment plan requires 60% of the tuition to be paid at the time of registration with the balance paid in two equal installments on October 1 and December 1 of the academic year. 
Download Payment Plan Options

How do I apply for the program?
Click here for complete registration information.

Current Apprentice FAQs

How do I use Moodle to check my grades and attendance?

Login to Moodle
How do I track my OJT Hours?

Login to ClickTime
How do I obtain my apprentice license?

To obtain an Apprentice License, click on the website below and fill out the online application. Along with the application there is an application fee that can be paid online. Please email us a copy of your Apprentice License when received.

Click here to obtain an Apprentice License.
How do I renew my apprentice license?

To renew your license, click on the website below and login to your State of Maryland DLLR account. Please email us a copy of your Apprentice License when received.

Click here to renew your Apprentice License.

What are the Closing Policies for inclement weather?

If it becomes necessary to cancel classes because of inclement weather or other reason, an announcement will be made as follows:

  • Local television stations
  • Radio Stations
  • AACP Email Broadcast

Evening announcements are made between 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm.

Can an apprentice dispute a grade?
Yes. An apprentice can dispute a grade. The first step is to speak directly to the instructor. If, after the conversation, there is still concern then the apprentice needs to write a letter why they feel the grade is inaccurate. The letter must be sent directly to AACP by email, info@aacpnet.org.

*A grade objection will not be considered after thirty [30] days from the end of the class.

What should I do if I lose a book?
If a book is misplaced, lost or stolen please contact AACP at 410.527.0780. There is a fee for the replacement which must be paid in full before the replacement book is issued.

What is the Attendance Policy?
An apprentice must physically attend at least 85% of the course hours to receive credit for the year’s related instruction. An absence which drops an apprentice's attendance below this threshold will result in a full drop of the final grade. This will occur with any additional unexcused absences that follow.

A request for an absence to be excused must be documented in writing from the employer. Acceptable excuses are: pre-scheduled vacation, personal illness or injury, birth of the apprentice's child or death of an immediate family member. An occasional work-related absence may be excused.

An excuse needs to be sent to AACP by email at info@aacpnet.org within two [2] days of the absence. An unexcused absence may not be made up.

NOTE: An excuse from an apprentice will not be accepted.

Make-Up Procedure
An apprentice must present the instructor with a request to make up missed hours and/ or class work within two [2] weeks of the absence.
What is the Grievance Procedure?
The Apprenticeship Committee encourages individuals to resolve complaints through direct and open communication. If the individuals involved cannot come to a satisfactory agreement, the Committee will address the dispute.

Complaints must be submitted to the Committee in writing, via email.  Grievance forms are available from the AACP office. The Committee will acknowledge in writing, within seven [7] days, the receipt of the written complaint. Within forty-five [45] days, the Committee will respond with requests for more clarification, to request appearance before the Committee, or have suggestions for resolution.

If the grievance cannot be resolved at the local level, the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council and/ or the US Department of Labor has a formal procedure to assist participants in resolving grievances.

Are my driving hours counted as On the Job Training?
No, your driving hours are not counted as On the Job Training time. Only work done while in the field with your supervisor is considered training that can be documented.

How do I access my online profile?
Go to www.AACPnet.org. Enter your email address as the username. Enter your password.

*If you forgot your password, click on Forgot Password. The system will send you a temporary password via email. Use the temporary password to access your account. Once in your account, you will be prompted to change the temporary password.

How do I contact the AACP Office?
Association of Air Conditioning Professionals
Executive Plaza II, 11350 McCormick Road, Suite 904, Hunt Valley, MD 21031

P: 410.527.0780    E: Info@AACPnet.org

Alumni FAQs

How do I apply for the Maryland State journeyperson’s license?
Only after an apprentice has held an Apprentice License for at least three [3] years and completed at least 1,875 hours of on the job training, providing HVAC services under the direction and control of a licensed contractor, may he or she apply for the journeyperson’s license.  Below is the link to download the application for the journeyperson’s license.

Download the Application

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